Expertise of MAGNEFY

MAGNEtic resonance research FacilitY is a rare and unique NMR facility in Europe. It offers user access to various NMR, MRI and ESR spectrometers (ranging from low to high magnetic fields, including imaging, solid state (MAS) and liquid state NMR), with applications ranging from molecular, cells and organisms suspensions to complex foods and intact plant level.

MAGNEFY covers a unique range of possibilities and applications in agriculture, food sciences, biology, environmental sciences, soil sciences, biotechnology and (bio)physics. The Centre offers access to and training on the NMR, MRI and ESR spectrometers, databases, data processing, and interpretation of data for applications in Life Sciences, Agriculture, Food, and Biology.

MAGNEFY is partner in the uNMR-NL initiative, currently operating a 950 MHz system that will be upgraded to a 1200 MHz system in 2021.