Research in my NMR group at BIP focuses on the study of soft (bio-)materials, ranging from polymers to foods, and their dynamic properties. For MRI studies, we largely use the WB 7T spectrometer in various projects aiming at developing and applying (i) rheo-MRI methods for studying complex, non-Newtonian, fluids[1],[2],[3]; (ii) MRI markers for characterizing in vitro and in vivo digestion processes[4],[5],[6]; (iii) advanced image analysis methods based on phasor processing, for applications to quantitative MRI and big-data science[7]. Ongoing/future work aims at developing microcapillary flow measurements on the SB and WB 14T spectrometers. For higher-resolution measurements in liquid or semi-solid materials, e.g. in studies of lipid oxidation[8] or polymerization reactions[9], we rely on the use of the SB 16T spectrometer.

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