WANDER-LAB: turning intangible data into interactive experiences

We empower the WUR community and external stakeholders to bring their research and education programmes further by making use of advanced interactive cutting-edge visualisation techniques.

Our vision is to become a pioneering place to investigate, explore and integrate new advanced visual techniques to spread the word about current socio-environmental challenges and their solutions, based on WUR research findings.

  • Mixed Augmented Reality City

Why visualise with WANDER?

  • We empower people to make use of cutting-edge technologies to deliver outstanding interactive data visualisation experiences.
  • We develop data-driven custom-made solutions through an integrative approach to socio-environmental challenges.
  • Our expertise and sharing knowledge on spatial science enables multidisciplinary collaboration. 
  • Our educative plug-and-play environment breaks down the challenges of technology adoption.
  • Our hybrid set-up allows multilevel co-creation.

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3D data visualisation: research and co-creation

Interactive tools: advanced education

Collaborative environments: external parties

Get in touch to explore ideas: wander@wur.nl