About Shared Research Facilities

The advanced research facilities and equipment of Wageningen University & Research are accessible for researchers from all organisations.

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) invests in research support equipment and facilities and has a lot of knowledge in this area. Through Shared Research Facilities (SRF), WUR also makes these facilities and knowledge available to external parties, together we grow into a network in which the sustainable use and sharing of equipment and resources are very common.

Stimulating new ideas by sharing

Advanced equipment and facilities for innovative research often require substantial investments. For purchase and maintenance, but also for development of knowledge and expertise for their use. Investments that can be of added value to many organisations, both in research and in business. Sharing can stimulate and accelerate the development of new ideas and innovative technologies in a sustainable manner. This is why WUR developed the concept of Shared Research Facilities.

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Optimal utilisation of capacity

The SRF concept appears to be successful. The full capacity of research equipment and facilities is used, by researchers within and outside WUR and through collaborative projects. And the supply is growing. Thanks to an increasing number of joint investments in state-of-the-art equipment and an increase in the number of other organisations outside WUR who make their research equipment available for sharing via SRF.


Shared Research Facilities is supported by the Province of Gelderland and the Region Deal Foodvalley.