About Shared Research Facilities

About Shared Research Facilities

We make state-of-the-art research facilities of Wageningen University & Research accessible for researchers from all organisations through facility-sharing.

High-end facilities and equiment and their experts

The facilities and equipment are located at groups or organisations who are one of the main users and who have the expertise to use and maintain the equipment. This virtual set-up of Shared Research Facilities enables users to get in direct contact with expertise and new technological possibilities related to the facilities. In this way, facility sharing via Shared Research Facilities makes the latest research facilities directly accessible to you.

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In the domain of Agro Food

The focus of Shared Research Facilities is on advanced analysis equipment that can be used in the Agro Food research domain. The facilities are open for all organizations, also those working in other research areas.

Embedded in WUR

Shared Research Facilities is run by a small team and is governed by the Steering Group. The Scientific Advisory Board recommends on the scientific aspects, for instance of new investment plans. Day-to-day exploitation and maintenance of the equipment is carried out by technicians and experts in the Wageningen University & Research groups, where the instruments are located.