Dialogue Centre - Over Dialogue Centre

About Omnia

Omnia is the perfect venue for scientists, students, society and partners to meet. In Omnia, there is room for a good conversation and the sharing of ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. Groups are welcome for symposia, conferences, debates, round-table discussions, PhD graduations, workshops and receptions. By exchanging knowledge and interests, we come to solutions to global issues that we face.

Omnia is situated at the entrance of Wageningen Campus in the heart of FoodValley. The building is open and transparent aimed at having equal and open conversations. Guests and delegations can be welcomed at small and quiet rooms where lunches and dinners can be served. There are also larger spaces available with foyer areas. You are welcome to have lunch or dinner in the unique in home restaurant, Faculty Club Novum. In short, Omnia has everything for a warm welcome and a good conversation.

Omnia is gas-free and all electricity of Wageningen University & Research is green and CO2-neutral. Omnia's roof is completely covered with sedum and the surrounding wet nature garden contributes to biodiversity on Wageningen Campus. This makes Omnia a very sustainable location.

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