How to Use Dialogue? Get Started

Wageningen Dialogues encourages researchers, students and partners to enter into dialogue with each other, accompanying stakeholders, and society. You are the ones to find answers together! This can be relevant to determine the right research question, or to increase understanding for someone who thinks differently, to broaden your view on a societal issue or just to get inspired by a unique perspective on your problem. Sometimes, a dialogue can soften a social debate, but also bring stakeholders together and take follow-up steps together. We invite you to explore how you could use dialogue to realise the impact you are aiming for. Also get to know our lively learning community or facilitators pool for training and support.

Dialogue in Research

Are you curious how dialogue can enrich your research, your courses, and you as a person? The Dialogue Navigator helps you to discover the potential of dialogue – with inspiring examples of colleagues. It shows you which purposes dialogue can serve and which tools and methods you could use. Explore the Dialogue Navigator.

Training & Support

Are you concerned about a societal debated issue, but hesitant how to have a constructive conversation? Can your research topic benefit from a diversity of ideas and actors, but looking for support to create the right space to connect? Or do you wish to develop your own dialogue, listening or facilitating skills and connect with inspiring likeminded colleagues and students? Check the training & support of Wageningen Dialogues.

Dialogue Community

To engage in dialogue in innovative ways, Wageningen Dialogues offers a platform to develop and improve your dialogue skills. Anyone working or studying at WUR can join the community, which means that you will be invited to inspiring monthly meet-ups that make you more knowledgeable and comfortable to make use of the potential of dialogue and deliberation, and to inspire others. You can join the community here.