Dialogue in Research

Our research is driven by the desire to understand societal challenges and to contribute to the transitions that lie before us. Interaction with other scientists, stakeholders and society can contribute much – and may even be inevitable. But how to create such meaningful interactions? Incorporate dialogues in your projects, programmes and way of working – and be amazed by the added value. We have developed a special tool that will help you to discover the potential of dialogue in an encouraging way: The Dialogue Navigator.

The Dialogue Navigator

With the Dialogue Navigator you can explore which purposes dialogue can serve, what the difference is between a dialogue and a debate and get an idea of the different tools and methods you could use. Wander through this page or explore the navigator.

Cover Dialogue Navigator

With the interactive Dialogue Navigator Tool, you will discover if, for what purpose, and how science-society interactions can help you to create more impact. It’s useful to start this tool with a specific topic or situation in mind. But be aware: The possibilities are endless and may be more diverse than you expect. Discover the potential of dialogue in your situation now!

Interactive workshop

With an interactive workshop, we can support you and your team in further unravelling the potential of dialogue and other forms of interaction. Curious what dialogue can mean to create more impact with your research? Discover the possibilities here.