Good Food: On responsibility for healthier and more sustainable diets

Over the last decade, the growing public awareness of interconnected crises such as climate change, biodiversity loss, malnourishment and obesity have drawn more attention to the food we eat. As these combined challenges become increasingly pressing, we fall short in addressing them. The nature of each of these challenges is complex and the ability to foster change is distributed across numerous actors in society. The good news is that valuable knowledge and many innovations are already here. It is the global system and persistent patterns in consumption and the food chain that makes change so difficult.

What to expect?

In this series we try to expose our production and consumption patterns, and discuss agency with various actors in the food chain. Let’s talk with researchers, policy makers, companies, NGOs, and people in their dual roles of citizens and consumers. What are the responsibilities of different actors in the food chain, when it comes to healthy and sustainable food? What desires for change do you have and which role can you play?

With each dialogue we gain insights in healthy and sustainable food practices, discuss what is ‘good’ and talk about agency: What do we expect of others and of ourselves? Societal developments form the starting point of each dialogue, like alternative proteins, ultra-processed foods and equal access. Do you play a role in the food chain and/or would you like to engage in dialogue on ‘good’ food. Connect with us: Co-creation and engagement is everything!