Academic Consultancy Training

Do you have an innovative idea, a question or an unsolved problem that you cannot get to? Working with students of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) could be a solution. Society Based Education connects questions from society to education at WUR. They also do this for the course Academic Consultancy Training (ACT). ACT is a course in which you can work together with students on your consultancy question!

Society Based Education is continuously searching for real-life challenges, interesting problems, creative ideas that can be used as a consultancy assignment. So that a group of 5 to 7 students from various disciplinary backgrounds can use their academic knowledge, skills and creativity to find a solution that works for you!

In this way, WUR offers the possibility for organisations (i.e. start-ups, companies, governmental institutions, non-profit organizations) to have a consultancy project realised by Master students at relatively low cost and little time investment. At the same time, this is an opportunity for students to work on a consultancy project with and for a commissioner in a real-life setting in the final phase of their studies.

The course Academic Consultancy Training (ACT) is:

  • a mandatory course for the majority of the Master's programmes of WUR. Students of different studies and nationalities work together in one team;
  • a course in which students work in teams of 5 to 7 people on a consultancy question for 8 weeks. The students will be guided by a coach and an academic advisor from WUR during this time period;
  • scheduled five times throughout the academic year.

Examples of student projects

Examples of student projects in which students have worked on a challenging, transdisciplinary  consultancy question from entrepreneurs, companies, government institutions or non-profit organizations can be found here:

Examples of student projects

In the video below, students tell about the ACT project they work on and about the ACT course. This student project won the Academic Consultancy Training Award last year.

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Criteria for ACT question of company/commissioner

  • It is an actual question;
  • It is complex: it requires an academic thinking and working level;
  • The topic falls within the domain of WUR: Food and Living Environment;
  • It is practical: the students will be challenged to find practical solutions based on scientific knowledge and societal insights;
  • It is transdisciplinary: it strives towards integration of scientific knowledge from different academic disciplines and practical insights from society.

The student teams work within a learning environment, which means that you are expected to be open in guiding students in achieving their learning goals.


Do you have a suitable consultancy question and do you like working together with students? More information about what is expected of you as a commissioner and the procedure for submitting a question can be found here:

Procedure ACT

Does my consultancy question fit the requirements of ACT?

Do you have doubts whether your consultancy question suits the characteristics of the ACT course? Please contact Society Based Education via the contact form. Together we will discuss the possibilities for your question.