ACT Award

The ACT award, organized by the Society Based Education team from WUR, recognizes student teams that create science-based value for society through collaborative efforts. The ACT Award is established during the farewell of Tiny van Boekel, the previous Dean of Education (2012-2017). Tiny van Boekel is well known for his work in the field of interweaving education with society. We are thrilled to announce that the winner of this year's Academic Consultancy Training (ACT) award is the 'TROFI: The Future Of Good Food' project!

TROFI: The Future of Good Food

The 'TROFI: The Future Of Good Food' project stood out for its exceptional quality and innovation. The student team, consisting of members from various academic disciplines, partnered with MKB Amsterdam to address the goal of making Amsterdam the World Food Capital by 2025. Through interviews, research, and panel meetings, they developed the TROFI concept, comprising guidelines for assessing and educating on the tastiness, health, affordability, and sustainability of foods, a website facilitating collaboration among stakeholders, and a biannual physical event to showcase entrepreneurial projects.

The jury was impressed by the team's flexibility, creativity, and collaboration skills. Their comprehensive research, visually appealing report, and thoughtful recommendations captured the reader's enthusiasm. Notably, the team's unique report design incorporating captivating artwork added an extra layer of interest and innovation. Despite evolving project requirements, the team remained adaptable and resilient, delivering an impressive and impactful solution that aligned with stakeholder ambitions.

Congratulations to the 'TROFI: The Future Of Good Food' team for their outstanding achievement! Your dedication, professionalism, and commitment to creating positive change are truly commendable. We extend our gratitude to all the nominated projects for their high-quality work and contribution to society.

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ACT student team: Alex van der Walt, Anouk van den Boomen, Diederick Trampe, Guoda Bubnyte, Nina Oskam and Victoria Gomez

Case owner: Bart Drenth (MKB Amsterdam)

Coach: Frans Duurland

Academic advisor: Ayalew Kassahun

The 5 other nominated projects

These projects were also nomintated for the ACT Award 2023 (in random order):

  • Learning from the intentional management of wild food plants by living cultures
  • A fresh approach: Creating a healthy and sustainable external food environment in a high school setting
  • Participating with U: An ACT final report on the perceptions of the Blue Mountains using a participatory process
  • Increasing the visibility of the Business unit greenhouse horticulture and flower bulbs
  • Nitrogen effects on nature in the binnenveld: investigating the effects and giving communication and citizen science advice

More information about these projects can be found in the jury report. Jury report ACT Award 2023