Society Based Education is an enthusiastic and self-organising team. To the outside world, we act with curiosity, expertise and are people-oriented. We have theoretical and experiential expertise about the role of knowledge broker (collaboration between educational institute and social partners), designing and activating, authentic & socially relevant student projects and optimally guiding the learning process in these rich learning environments. In these learning environments, students work together with social partners to find sustainable solutions. The team members have different disciplinary knowledge, so we can offer support to all WU courses.

Hereby we introduce the team members of Society Based Education:


Hanna Eppink
Product Owner


  • Society Based Education
  • Active learning strategies
  • Developing University-Society learning spaces

Karen Dekker

Process coordinator


  • Process management

  • CRM system - SAGE

  • Data management and analysis


Lucas Mencke

Project leader WU courses


  • Practical applications for science

  • Project management

  • Agriculture and agribusiness

Tosca_SBE (2).jpg

Tosca Veerbeek

Project writer WU courses


  • Matching societal issues to education

  • Writing student projects

  • Molecular (Life) Sciences