Woody perennials

Enhancing productivity agroecosystem

Publication date: March 2021

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This data set results from a meta-analysis about effects of parkland agroforestry systems and ramial wood amendment applications on crop yields and soil properties in semi-arid West Africa. The dataset provides background material to the publication

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Soil degradation in semi-arid West Africa can be reversed through an intensified application of organic matter, especially on coarse soils. Woody perennials have been promoted in the region to secure organic matter sources and improve soil productive capacity, yet the mechanisms by which perennials provide benefits to soils and crops remain poorly understood, and no effective, generalizable agronomic recommendations exist. Here, we reviewed the effects of trees and shrubs on soil properties and on crop yields in semi-arid West Africa (1000 mm year−1).  
Specific objectives of this meta-analysis were to (i) describe and (ii) quantify the effects of the presence of woody perennials and of ramial wood amendments on crop productivity and soil characteristics, and (iii) identify general recommendations on the integration of perennials with crops.