For whom is the Data portal

WUR Data Portal for you?

Are you an engaged citizen, a potential partner from the food industry, or simply interested in what WUR does? Wageningen University & Research Data Portal is of interest to anyone who wants to delve into the scientific fields served by WUR.

How does it work?

Say you are reading a newspaper article on the influence of deforestation on the CO2 levels. Or you work for a R&D department of an Agro-food company and are looking for a potential partner. 

Via the WUR data portal you will find the data behind the research. You can learn whether WUR is engaged in research on a specific subject and which data that research yielded.  More often than not the data is openly accessible and available for download. Sometimes you will need to request access first. Most data is linked to a scientific publication or report. Via the data you can reach a treasure of information. And of course you an directly contact our experts in your topic of interest. 

If you need help, or are unable to find specific data in the portal, please contact