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A Platform for Precision Farming Data, Science and Practice

Publication date: December 2020

How to use? 
There is a wealth of data associated with your farm, information that is usually registered and recorded by various trading and other partners. However, these records do not help you move your farm or crops forward. We looked for a solution to this. 

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Data does not become information until you can make connections between various aspects and apply knowledge obtained from research. This is why it is preferable to prevent the fragmentation of data. Not only can Akkerweb help you prevent this from happening, it can put the data to work for you! The result is the optimisation of your crops on every field on your farm. You will know exactly what to do, and get help in making better decisions! 
Akkerweb compiles all the information in one central geo-platform and this is a unique service! Within Akkerweb, the ‘crop rotation application’,  set up using geo-data, forms the foundation for all the functionalities that provide an added value for your farm operations, such as fertilisation and crop protection. 
All the information is securely managed in your own free account and may be supplemented with input, for example, from satellites, sampling bodies, parties in the chain, farm management systems, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), and sensors. 

This enhanced information on fields and crops can then be shared with advisers and other users, if desired. As a farmer or contract worker, you will work together on the basis of practical recommendations that will help you optimize your crops on every field. Akkerweb: geo = logic