dataset Zandmotor

Sand Motor

Spectral reflectance of beach sand

Publication date: December 2020

How to use? 

This single data set results from an interdisciplinary research program NatureCoast is a multidisciplinary research program consisting of 12 PhD’s and three Postdocs involving six universities in The Netherlands. The data set provide back ground material to the publication.  

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The Sand Motor is a great example of building with nature. By depositing a large amount of sand in a single operation, we can avoid repeated disruption of the vulnerable seabed. Nature will take the sand to the right place for us. If the Sand Motor fulfils our expectations, sand replenishment off the Delfland Coast will be unnecessary for the next 20 years. The Sand Motor is the first experiment of its kind. With this pilot project, the Netherlands is continuing to set the standard in water management. In 2011, we are doing this by actually working with water, instead of against it. If the Sand Motor works as we expect, the concept can be rolled out to other places in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. 


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