dataset Sensor technologies for food supply chains

Sensor technologies for food supply chains

Non-destructive and non-invasive sensor technologies for food supply chains

Publication date: December 2020

How to use?

These dataset compiles lists of non-invasive sensors applicable in livestock farming, fresh food inspection and measuring food intake and meal properties and an be used as a reference.  

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Food supply chains are under constant pressure to provide increasingly more food, with better quality and in a sustainable manner, while reducing food losses and delivering a safe product, leading to a healthy consumer. Data-driven technological advances, supported by innovations in sensor technologies, play a key role in addressing these challenges. In the project the researchers were interested in exploring the potential of sensor innovations and resulting insights to tackle different challenges across the food supply chain. The objective of this project was to be able to measure and make better decisions based on the measured product properties. In particular, the necessity to measure non-destructively, non-invasively and on a smaller scale than is currently common: from batch level to product level; from population segment to an individual.


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