WDCC News Q2: Data Science Value Creation

Data Science Value Creation

The impact story on the Food Security dashboard has been published, read it here. Are you making an impact with data science and AI? Contact us to get an impact story on your topic!

Value creation has been collaborating with infrastructure and research engineers to offer model delivery tools more easily to researchers. Do you have a computer model that needs to be implemented at or shared with customers? Contact us to explore the options of sharing your computer model in an organized, safe and scalable way through an API!

On the 7th of June WDCC has organized an internal data science demonstrator market in the Gaia hall with 16 demonstrators from all over WUR. We are proud to share the market was a success. We are aiming to organize an external market together with LNV in autumn. Interested to share your digital application? Contact us!

We are happy to announce that more Thematic Technology Transfer- Smart Industries vouchers have been awarded to researchers with entrepreneurial ideas. Have you always wanted to explore whether your idea could grow into a company? More vouchers are still available, contact us!

Data Science Alliances

Following the decisions of the growth fund on cutting back on application area funding within NL AIC / AINED we now have redrafted how we would like to cooperate within the NL AIC and in which data science alliances we do want to be (more) active.

Various WDCC colleagues have been involved in the preparation of a Test and Experimentation Facility (TEF) proposal for the Digital Europe programme.

Together with AI hub Oost Nederland we are defining how we would like to offer the expertise on DS/AI to a community of companies in Oost-Nederland while we aim to reuse existing iniatives such as the above TEF, Smart Agri-Hubs, ELSA and AgRoboFoods.

Coordinator Data Science Value Creation

Data Science Alliance Manager