Research Data Management

On the Research Data Management pages you find a growing collection of practical guidance, support and advice for managing your research data.

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The definition of research data
The term ‘research data’ is not a legal concept. For the purpose of WUR's data policy, research data refers to the recorded factual material commonly accepted in the scientific community as necessary to validate research findings. Data is defined as “a set of values of qualitative or quantitative variables that can be measured, collected and reported, and analysed” (from glossary LCRDM). This may include a wide variety of information, such as video/audio material, code, numbers, and facts. WUR's data policy applies to research data only and not to administrative (i.e. not research-related) data. Research data can form part of a patent application, a copyrighted work or a database for which a database right applies.

What is Research Data Management?
Research Data Management is a general term covering the organization, structure, storage, and legal care for data used or generated during a research project. It is important that data are well-organized and cared for as they often have a longer lifespan than the research project that creates them. Researchers may continue to work on data after funding has ceased, follow-up projects may analyse or add to the data, and data may be reused by other researchers.