Manage your source code with Git@WUR

Wageningen University & Research has created an environment for researchers to store and collaborate on their source code and statistical models. Get started with Git@WUR today.

Our solution to manage your source code is based on the well-known GIT code versioning system in the form GitLab. On GitLab you can share code, create issues for your code, document it, let others review it and share it publicly. You don't have to worry about backing up your code or maintaining your own (centralized version control system).

Putting your source code on Wageningen University & Research servers has several advantages:

  • Security
    Your code is stored in a safe environment and is protected by Dutch law.
  • Control
    You control who can see and can't see your source code.
  • Collaboration
    It is easy to collaborate with other Wageningen University & Research employees. As a Wageningen University & Research employee, you can also request an account for a non-Wageningen University & Research employee via Data Management Support. Please provide the person's email address, full name, organization and the reason for the request.
  • Support
    If you have questions about managing your source code within Wageningen University & Research GitLab, you can contact the Data Desk. If you publish a research paper based on source code in our environment, we can apply a persistent identifier to your source code and link it to your research paper. This way both your publication and your source code become more visible.