Wageningen University & Research, Animal Welfare & Adaptation

This Wageningen University & Research internal partnership aims to be a key player in the field of welfare and adaptation of production animals, both at a national and international level.

The Wageningen University & Research, Animal Welfare & Adaptation is a partnership of three research groups with strong expertise in animal welfare and adaptation: chair goup Adaptation Physiology, the chair group Behavioural Ecology and the Wageningen Livestock Research department Animal Welfare. The combination of two academic research groups and a contract research group forms a research area that covers the whole range from fundamental research to practical application.

Open network structure

A special feature of the partnership is its open network structure. The heart is composed of the three involved  groups, but researchers and groups active on related fields are welcome to join.

Scientific disciplines and expertises

Wageningen University & Research, Animal Welfare & Adaptation's main scientific disciplines are Stress physiology, Veterinary science, Animal Behaviour, Animal husbandry science, Energy metabolism, Reproduction , Veterinary health and Immunology. The research covers farm animals, companion animals and animals in the wild.

The expertise in these areas is applied in 8 themes related to animal welfare and adaptation:

  • Animal Behaviour
  • Behavioural physiology
  • Accommodation and behaviour
  • Immunology
  • Measuring & monitoring welfare
  • Metabolism
  • Reproduction and Stress physiology
  • Animal health


Wageningen University & Research, Animal Welfare & Adaptation is an open network, implying that research groups and scientists active in areas related to welfare and adaptation of kept animals are welcome to join the partnership. In this way, the partnership is more than an organisational unit: it is a network for collaboration. The innovation centres VIC Sterksel and Dairy Campus are also included, as important partners for the exchange between academics and practice.

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