Mark a special moment with an engraved tile on Wageningen Campus

Do you have a special moment or achievement connected to Wageningen University and Research that you would like to permanently commemorate on Wageningen Campus? WUR offers the opportunity on the terrace of the Impulse meeting center to immortalize memorable events or achievements with an inscribed tile. This could be related to an anniversary, a unique award, an honorary doctorate, or if an individual has made a substantial contribution/achievement for WUR.

The event you wish to commemorate must be in a recognizable and logical way connected to the activities of WUR for a broader audience. This will be assessed during the application process by WUR. You can request the tile, including the text you want to place, through the application form.


  • The memorable event must be recognizably and logically connected to the activities of WUR, its employees, and/or students for a broader audience.
  • The event has societal, social, or economic value and/or is of value to WUR.It is a unique event.
  • It is a non-commercial expression.
  • The provider of the tile represents a recognized group/organizational unit. An individual cannot offer a tile.
  • WUR decides if the intended tile is suitable for the Walk of Fame, and there is no possibility for appeal.

The Provider

Non-commercial (partner) organizations and relationships and/or collaborations, employees, departments, research schools, student and study associations, etc., can offer a tile. In addition, the offering party must consist of more than one person. Business relationships, companies, and/or commercial sponsors cannot offer a tile.

The Tile

WUR has selected a tile that meets the specified requirements. You can choose from two sizes: 49.8 x 49.8 cm or 49.8 x 99.8 cm or 99.8 x 49.8 cm. WUR can design and order the tile on your behalf.

The Inscription/Image

  • It concerns a joyful event; ensure this is reflected through the inscription. Consider using color or a graphic element.
  • The inscription must be in English or Dutch so that the walking public can recognize the event.
  • The inscription should have sufficient profile to prevent slipperiness when wet.
  • The inscription and image must not be offensive.


The design costs for the tile are approximately 250 euros. The production of the engraved tile comes to about 425 euros per square meter. The installation costs are approximately €125 (excluding VAT, 2023 price level).

A reception can be organized around the tile laying. The catering must be provided by one of the parties located on Wageningen Campus.

Application form

Submit your application by filling out the application form.