How to become a Data Scientist?

A Data Scientist is a domain specialist with a specific knowledge and skills needed to manage, analyse, and extract actionable knowledge from domain specific (big) data. McKinsey Global Institute predicts extremely high demand for elite data scientist professionals in the coming years. This is due to fast growing number of available data, emergence of modern data processing and analysis techniques and growing interest of research and industry to utilize the potential of big data.

What are the data scientist competences at WUR?

  • Data Science analytics including statistical analysis, machine learning, data mining and business analytics skills.
  • Data Science engineering including software and applications engineering, data warehousing, big data infrastructure and tools and models development.
  • Data management and governance including data stewardship, curation, preservation, ethics and data privacy aspects.
  • Strong domain expertise and research methods knowledge in e.g. plant, animal, agri-food, environmental and social sciences (or business processes management, project management).

Study Data Science at WUR

  • Follow a Bachelor Minor Data Science
  • Choose Data Science courses
  • Start with the a Data Science specialisation of a Master
  • You can do an online Data Science course

    Making data meaningful

    WUR is serious about data and data science. That’s why the university is welcoming multiple data scientists. What is data science, and what does artificial intelligence (AI) have to do with it? How does this relate to you as a student or researcher? Anna Fensel, newly appointed associate professor in AI and data science, explains it here.