Research data classification

WUR conducts research involving personal data and confidential data. Therefore, WUR wants to ensure that these types of research data are kept secure and that collecting and processing these data are approved.

Data security and privacy are important aspects when dealing with research data. The data classification (intranet WUR, login required) provides insight in how to secure research data properly by determining the organisational and technical measures that must be implemented in the systems that process and store the data. It indicates the potential impact or damage that data may cause to WUR and individuals when there is a loss of data availability, integrity, or confidentiality. The higher the classification, the stricter the measures with regard to, for example, storage solutions or data exchange. The ApprovedApps Tool of WUR (intranet WUR, login required) can be consulted to see which other software is suitable for certain classifications. As such, data security and privacy are important aspects within research data management.

Additionally, you may need approval from an ethics committee when collecting or using data from animals or humans:


You can contact the following specialised departments or persons within WUR (intranet WUR, login required) regarding any privacy, security, and legal questions:

You can always send your question to which will get you in contact to the right department or person as well.