Finding existing data for reuse

Research data can be made findable, accessible and reusable to others by sharing or publishing research data in data repositories (for example in 4TU.ResearchData, DANS-EASY, Zenodo).

Publishing data does not only add another publication to your publication list, but also increases the visibility of your research to others that want to reuse the data (i.e. increases impact of your research). Additionally, when others publish data, this gives you the opportunity to search for and find data to reuse within your research. Increasing availability of data, however, can make finding the right data for your research challenging.

Nevertheless, reusing data can:

  • Avoid duplication in generating data
  • Save time and money
  • Help in improving and/or validating research methods
  • Allow integration (e.g. meta-analysis) of data from different studies
  • Open up new avenues of research

Where to find existing data?

You can use several sources to look for data:


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