Yoda@WUR freely available to WUR researchers

May 8, 2023

On 23 March, WUR officially signed the Yoda collaboration agreement with SURF and other universities to ensure the continued development of Yoda. Yoda is a research data management platform that enables you to securely deposit, share, publish, and preserve research data during all stages of your research project.


Yoda is an open-source data management platform. It was developed by Utrecht University and is hosted by SURF, the national organisation for IT in education and research. Within Yoda you can give access to the stored research data to multiple people for easy collaboration during research. Yoda offers the possibility to restore data and archive data in a vault, thereby safeguarding it against unintentional overwriting and deletion. You can also add more detailed metadata and/or publish the research data to make the data searchable and findable, which gets you a step closer to creating FAIR data.

How to get started

Yoda@WUR is currently free of charge for research data under the the conditions of the Yoda@WUR terms of use. If your research group is interested in using Yoda@WUR, please contact your data steward or send an email to You can find your group's data steward this data steward list on the WUR intranet. For more information and FAQs, have a look at the Yoda@WUR page.

WUR data policy

WUR has a policy on how to handle research data throughout the research cycle. The research data policy focusses on keeping research data safe and accessible both during and after research. For more information on the data policy requirements, see Data policy at WUR. WUR provides various storage solutions to safely store research data. You can use the WUR data storage finder to select the storage solution that best meets your needs.