Wageningen Common Data Solutions

The 'Wageningen Common Data Solutions' (WCDS) programme, funded by the Ministry of LNV for two years with a budget of 2 million euro, striving to connect use cases from WUR research institutes to the research data management infrastructure for FAIR data, using generic open source tools such as iRODS and Yoda.

This is WUR’s first shared data infrastructure programme. The potential outcome is to explore possible common data solutions for WUR research institutes to improve data handling and sharing, and to build software development expertise to integrate institute-specific requirements. Moreover, the programme places a strong emphasis on improving the continuity of the system to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness as needs evolve over time.

Currently, 15 projects from all nine WUR institutes took part of the Wageningen Common Data Solution program. The first call, initiated in March, accepted 11 projects in implementation, scheduled to finish by October 2024. A second call in October selected 4 more projects set to start in January 2024 and conclude by January 2025.

Next to the 15 use case from WUR institutes, WDCC undertook 8 work packages supporting the use cases from different perspectives: technical development & implementation; value creation; governance & policy; training; communities; alliances; and communication.