REDD+ is the main global mechanism for climate change mitigation and forest conservation. To make REDD+ work, research is needed. The REDD@WUR network is a world leading network that brings together about 80 researchers at Wageningen University. REDD@WUR stands for interdisciplinary knowledge to bear on cutting-edge theoretical and policy-relevant questions around REDD+.

The REDD@WUR Network is made possible by the Interdisciplinary Research and Education Fund (INREF) of Wageningen University. The network is one of the outcomes of an INREF Seed Money project, which ran until March 2012.

The aims of this network is threefold:

  1. develop an interdisciplinary network at Wageningen UR focused on REDD+
  2. establish collaboration with REDD+ researchers in Indonesia, Ghana and India
  3. jointly develop an interdisciplinary research programme on REDD+ issues.

Become part of the REDD@WUR network

We invite WUR colleagues who are working on or interested in REDD+ related research to become involved in the REDD@WUR network. Please contact Astrid Bos, coordinator of REDD@WUR.

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