Zebra’s, impala’s en wildebeesten die parkwachters waarschuwen tegen naderende stropers. Het kan dankzij een slim computersysteem ontwikkeld door Wageningen University & Research.

Smart technology against poaching

With smart technology, zebras, impalas, and wildebeest are helping park rangers in game reserves protect threatened species such as elephants and rhinos from poachers.

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Met robots, drones en andere digitale technieken verzamelen onderzoekers van Wageningen University & Research essentiële informatie over planten.

More sustainable cultivation through digital phenotyping

Information gathered by robots, drones and other digital technologies on plants: this is of great value for a more pinpointed use of pesticides and for plant breeding.

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Online apps increase awareness of the danger of ticks

Thanks to online applications such as tick-radar and Tick Alert, civilians are increasingly aware of ticks and the risks they carry. The incidence of tick-bite related disease appears to be dropping.

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Making organic pest and plague control possible


There is an increasing demand for organic alternatives to chemical pesticides. WUR has decades of experience in research on insects, fungi and bacteria that aid farmers in their fight against diseases and plagues.

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