Circular economy

Wageningen University & Research ontwikkelt groene alternatieven uit biomassa, zoals vaatwastabletten uit bietenpulp.

Dishwasher tablets from beet pulp

Saving on CO2 by replacing fossil resources with sustainable alternatives is what circular innovations aim for. This includes the use of beet pulp.

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Dankzij vrij toegankelijke software kunnen melkveehouders data automatisch inlezen en berekeningen maken. De hiervoor door WUR ontwikkelde rekenmodules worden continu onderbouwd door de meest actuele wetenschappelijke data.

Circularity Guide: benefits for dairy farmer and nature

A valuable tool for dairy farmers helps achieve a circular dairy sector through more efficient use of minerals to improve the dairy farm’s cycle.

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Challenge: less food in the bin

The Dutch discard millions of kilos of food every year. We want to slash food waste by half by 2030. How can we achieve this goal together?

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On the road to bio-tarmac

Wageningen scientists developed a sustainable ingredient for tarmac from the residue product lignin. It was tested on bicycle lanes and provincial roads and proved to be of high quality.

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A sustainable future in practice

Setting sustainable development goals in Europe is one thing, but making them a reality is quite something else. One key ingredient is transparent governance. Wageningen University & Research contributes to standards and plans based on scientific research.

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Biobased plastics: versatile and circular

Plastics made from fossil feedstock is are in dire need of replacement.
Wageningen University & Research contributes to developing biobased,
circular alternatives in its innovation factory.

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Closing cycles in greenhouse horticulture

Cultivating vegetables and fruits in greenhouses is to become circular in every aspect. But how? Wageningen researchers mapped the materials streams and identified opportunities to close these cycles.

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