Feeding the world

Door plantengroei te versnellen kunnen we meer voedsel producren met minder grond.

More food through more efficient photosynthesis

Increasing yields without increasing farmland is essential for the growing world population. One option is more efficient photosynthesis.

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Gewassen verbeteren kan goedkoper, nauwkeuriger en sneller dankzij CRISPR-Cas, ontdekt door onderzoekers van Wageningen University & Research.

Accelerate towards better crops with CRISPR-Cas

CRISPR-Cas makes it possible to develop crops with a higher nutritional value and lower susceptibility to diseases faster.

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Kwaliteitszaad, hogere opbrengsten en betere leefomstandigheden voor lokale boeren.

Better seeds for more food in Africa

A structural improvement in the seed sector is needed to ensure sufficient food production for the growing world population. This will increase yields and enhance living circumstances.

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The meat of the future

A plant-based steak or pork filet with the correct texture and flavour. In short, tasty meat substitutes that can contribute to a more sustainable food production.

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A viable income for cocoa farmers

Many cocoa farmers live below the poverty threshold and, in some cases, are forced to have their children work on the plantations. Wageningen University & Research (WUR) experts study what steps are needed to achieve a decent income.

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