You Are Welcome Here!

Everyone should feel welcome at WUR. And we think everyone at WUR can benefit from a small reminder of this simple, but very important statement.
The “You are Welcome Here” campaign seeks to offer this reminder, while simultaneously increasing LGBT+ visibility, offering a portal to LGBT+ support services, and creating a more welcoming campus environment overall.

WUR faculty, staff, and organizations are invited to post a “You are Welcome Here” sign on a window or door of your office or workspace. By doing so, you affirm that you:

  1. Believe that our organization is enriched by the inclusion of LGBT+ people;
  2. Will work to avoid heterosexist assumptions, confront homophobia, and use inclusive language (e.g., “partner” or “spouse,” rather than “boyfriend” or “wife”); and
  3. Will refer individuals to appropriate resources, as needed (e.g., see below).

    In connection with the “You are Welcome Here” campaign, Wageningen Young Academy, with the support of SHOUT, has set up this website, which offers relevant resources.

    Our campaign is built upon similar “Safe Space” programs, which have been implemented in schools, universities, businesses, and communities across the United States and elsewhere. We have been specifically inspired by and made use of text developed by a similar “You are Welcome Here” program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Please note that individuals who display the “You are Welcome Here” sign have not necessarily been trained in LGBT+ related issues; rather they agree to the above statements and wish to contribute to making our campus as welcoming as possible.

    If you would like to participate in the “You are Welcome Here” Campaign by posting a sign in your office or workspace or would like more information, please email

    For more information:

    Resources You Are Welcome Here!

    *Full report available here: