Who will you nominate for the first WUR Impact Award?

Published on
April 14, 2022

This year, the Wageningen University & Research (WUR) Impact Award will be presented for the first time. This award is given to a team of researchers within WUR who have achieved impact with their research by applying knowledge and research results in practice; from business to politics, from economy to society and from nature to culture. This requires additional steps that go beyond writing a report or article. And these steps are rewarded with the WUR Impact Award.

What team of researchers of WUR do you feel deserves this award? Submit your nomination before 22 April to and let us know why, in your opinion, this WUR team should receive the award. At June 10th , the Impact Award will be presented to the winning team at the Dialogue for Impact at Omnia.

Why an Impact Award?

WUR conducts research into the major societal challenges, such as the SDGs. The results of the research only become valuable if governments use them in their policies, companies use them to make their production more sustainable, or citizens use them to opt for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. This requires extra interaction and continuous coordination between the team of researchers and the partners who want to implement the knowledge. We would like to reward these extra steps with the WUR Impact Award. The aim of the annual WUR Impact Award is to appreciate a WUR team and to inspire other colleagues to do the same.

The jury consists of four Wageningen Ambassadors and a WUR General Director: Marcel Schuttelaar (chair), Tjapko Poppens, John Lapré, Wilma Terwel en Sjoukje Heimovaara

What criteria must a team meet?

Several criteria have been formulated for the Impact Award, which are reflected in the Guidelines and the nomination form. These include the delivered impact on society and the degree to which others acknowledge and act upon this impact. Examples include a solution for the business sector based on our knowledge or a cutting-edge innovation of great value to society. The jury will assess to what extent the team has involved collaborative partners in encouraging implementation. Additional ‘points’ are awarded for impact that is based on combined expertise across sciences groups, the ‘One Wageningen’ approach.

Who can submit a nomination?

Anyone within WUR may nominate a team. But also partners who have a link with our organisation (alumni, clients, stakeholders) may submit a nomination. The nomination must include a brief description of the impact and its relevance for society. The format is available here. Please fill in as completely as possible. If you want to nominate a team, but aren’t able to fill in the format before 22 April, there are two options: a shortened format or contact We can then discuss how we can get the necessary information.

What does the prize consist of?

The Impact Award consists of a memento, a jury certificate and a dinner for the WUR team and any external parties involved in Omnia. If so desired, a support package will be made available to further increase the impact of the research, programme or initiative concerned in the shape of communications and relevant networking contacts.

In consultation with the winning team, support will be offered to further increase the impact of the research, programme or initiative concerned. Examples of this support are dialogue events, specific communication expressions and connections with relevant networks.

For inspiration see the impact stories of WUR