Everyone is free to be themselves! So are you!

Published on
October 11, 2021

Everyone is allowed to be themselves, that is what Wageningen University & Research stands for. Yet, many LGBTQI+ find it difficult to be open about their sexuality and/or gender identity. To show that 'being yourself' applies to everyone, we raise the Progress Pride flag during Coming Out Day on 11 October.

Meet Mesh, Dani and Julia

Mesh, Dani and Julia are three of our students. They think it's important that Coming Out Day is celebrated, because it's a signal to LGBTQI+ people and others that 'being yourself' is totally okay. 

Everyone always assumes you're straight. Or that, if you look like a woman, you want to be addressed as she or her. But that is not always the case
Julia, student

Although the day is called 'Coming Out Day', Mesh emphasises that it is really about free choice:

I don’t think it should be that you must come out of the closet. It should be like: feel free and feel safe to come out if you wish to
Mesh, student

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