Student Job lectures politicians on technology

Published on
June 11, 2021

How can we produce more food with fewer raw materials and with less impact on the environment? This is a tough challenge for the agri-food sector in the coming decades! Land and Water Management student Job Brom gave a lecture to politicians about what farmers and consumers can expect.

He did this together with professor of Biosystems Engineering Eldert van Henten and entrepreneur Suradj Hiralal. We spoke to Job about this unique experience, his role as a Booster and his choice for Wageningen.

Passionate about water since childhood

Job consciously chose to study Land and Water Management: "I grew up in Lobith, where the river Rhine enters the country. From an early age, I could see the impact of water. From our food to recreation, water plays a crucial role everywhere."

When asked what he likes most about the study programme, he answers: "The fact that you discover an incredible number of different people/cultures, each with their own interests. Every issue brings new insights along with it.

In a future job, he would like to combine these insights with his passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Role as Technology Booster for 4TU

And he is already working on this. In addition to his studies, Job is a technology booster for 4TU. The 4TU is a collaboration between the four technical universities in the Netherlands. The boosters seek answers to the question: how do we accelerate the required transitions through technological innovations?

According to Job, technology and knowledge sharing are important foundations of our economy. "Take the flood disaster of 1953 as an example; to this day we are known as the Netherlands, Waterland. Why shouldn't today's social challenges give us such a number one position again?"

When asked why he is a took up this role, he answers with a look into the future:

When I am a little older I want to be able to say to myself and hopefully my children that I have taken steps towards the world of tomorrow.

And although those steps will not always be the right ones, that is, according to him, the responsibility you have to take as a frontrunner.

Not a second thought

When the question of actually talking to politicians and policymakers came along, Job didn't hesitate for a moment! He likes to jump at every opportunity to share what technological innovations can mean for our society and future.

That, and how the 4TU can play a role in this, was Job's main message to the participants of the lecture.

In addition to his perspective, the views of scientist Eldert van Henten and entrepreneur Suradi Hiralal were also presented. Besides providing the politicians with new insights and knowledge, it was also valuable for Job himself:

This courtyard lecture has shown me once again the strength of the 4TU and that gives me enormous confidence in our future and that of future generations.