Students turn farmland into food forest

Published on
July 29, 2021

In Geffen you can find Green Heart Eco-Farm. Here, Australian Kestrel Maher wants to transform 2,5 ha of former agricultural land into a sustainable food forest. Although she had experience with food forests in Australia, she knew nothing about the Dutch native nature. So she called in the help of students from Wageningen.

A group of students from the Academic Consultancy Training course enthusiastically started working on an advice for her. Based on this advice, Kestrel improved the soil and planted over 2500 native trees and bushes.

Moreover, the students of this project won the ACT award 2021 with their advice.

The course Academic Consultancy Training

During your master the course Academic Consultancy Training is often a compulsory course. In this course you work with students of different studies and nationalities in one team on an assignment about food or environment. You will do this for a real client, for example a government, a private individual or a social organisation.