What can you do for a better climate? 5 tips!

Published on
November 3, 2021

Drought, flooding and rising sea levels. These are all consequences of climate change. How can we make it stop? Fortunately, more and more people are making a fuss about it. This week, world leaders will discuss it during the climate summit COP26.

But you can also do your own part. We will give you 5 simple tips!

This is what you can do!

1. Change the background of your phone

Did you know that a black background costs less energy than a white one? You probably won't notice the difference yourself, but it still a bit better for the climate. And every bit helps!

2. Don't waste food

Are you planning to buy something tasty in the supermarket or the canteen? Then don't take any or less food with you. It would be a shame to throw it away. We throw away an enormous amount of food every year - it's a shame!

3. Recycle your clothes

In need of a new outfit? Maybe you can swap that pair of trousers you haven't worn for months for a nice piece of clothing from a friend. Or sell them on a second-hand clothes site. Who knows, you might find a unique gem there!

4. Use less plastic

Are you bringing your own lunch? Then use a lunch box instead of plastic bags. Washing your lunch box is better for the environment than using a new plastic bag every day.

5. Choose a study programme from Wageningen University & Research

Of course you also want to study in a sustainable way. The WUR has a green and sustainable campus that is powered by renewable energy, for example. We also have a variety of courses that deal with climate issues. Are you joining us?