Career advice

Want to be as prepared as can be when you start interviewing? Student Career Services is here to advice you.

Advice for students

During your study you already get in contact with the labour market via e.g. excursions, project group work, Academic Consultancy Training (ACT), guest lectures of company representatives and internship or thesis. Around 35-40% of our students finds a job via their internship or thesis project.

Gaining self-knowledge and focussing on your talents and passions is important to get the position that gives you energy and in which you thrive best in.

Curricular activities

  • Bachelor: during the Bachelor phase you will start orientating about your competences, talents and interests. Some study programmes have their own self-assessment tools; the Personal Motivation Assessment (ELS-51901) is offered to all Bachelor students.
  • Master: during the Master you will orientate yourself more towards what type of job fits you best, for example do you want to work as an researcher, advisor or consultant, project manager, entrepreneur or stay in academia. The course Career Development & Planning (ELS-65900) will help you in explaining your preferences and capabilities in a clear way and prepares you on how to profile yourself towards the labour market.
  • Special Tracks: Teacher Training for BSc and MSc students and Entrepreneurship for MSc students.

Information for international students:

The website of Career in Holland provides up-to-date information on: