Information for companies

Student Career Services offers the opportunity to meet talented students, recently graduates and PhD candidates. Our university has excellent students in the domain of society and well-being, food, feed and bio-based production, natural resources and the living environment.

In 2018 Wageningen University & Research is ranked as the best university in the Netherlands for the 14th time in a row. The Keuzegids 2018 praised the university's combination of excellent research and education, a combination rarely encountered by the experts.

At the moment most of our Bachelor programs are partially in Dutch and English and all of our Master programs are in English. We have over 100 nationalities on Wageningen Campus. Almost 2/3 of our students do an internship, thesis or exchange program in another country.

On the website, more information can be found on the Bachelor and Masters study programs.

What can we offer you?

Our goal is to support our students in their career orientation. We offer a platform for students and companies to meet each other. We work in collaboration with our study program teams, KLV Alumni Network, and study and student associations.

At the moment Student Career Services can offer:

  • Participation in our Career Day.
  • Participation in Talk & Toast sessions.
  • A tailor made Career event.
  • An opportunity to organize workshops or other career related activities.
  • An opportunity to share your vacancies, internships opportunities, traineeships etc.
  • Contact with our alumni.

For more information and costs, or if you have specific needs or wishes please contact us at

Study associations

If you like to get in contact with our study associations see the list of study associations here.

Research projects

Do you have projects or research topics that we can integrate in our Master program program, in our consultancy course, or as an internship or thesis assignments, please contact our Education and Project Services department.

If you are looking for students to work on a concrete research assignment (paid), please contact Unipartners or StudentenAtelier in Wageningen (Dutch websites).

Hiring international staff

If you want to hire an international graduate there are some practicalities to take care of, which can be found in this quick guide (in Dutch).

For full service assistance in hiring international staff in the Food Valley region, please contact the Expat Centre Food Valley.