Jobs & Internships

Finding a job or an internship can be challenging. That's why Student Career Services would like to offer you some tips and help you in your preparation.

Jobs & Career Facilities

There are many job search websites. An easy way is to google your key words and you will find a list of search engines and vacancies/internships. Some examples:

Student jobs

  • Wurkforce is the vacancy website for students of Wageningen University & Research, for small temporary jobs next to your study. Some jobs require Dutch language skills.
  • Unipartners is a student organization that offers consultancy jobs next to your study. Some jobs only require English language skills.
  • Studentwerk has small jobs for students and jobs for starters, part time and full time. Some jobs only require English language skills.
  • You can also search for sidejobs via labour agencies: e.g. EASY Eventcrew or Tempo Team. Often Dutch language skills is required.


Approximately 39% of our students find a job via internship or thesis, so the application is as important as applying for a job. At Wageningen University & Research you need to find an internship or thesis project yourself. The internship coordinator, study advisors, program directors or Student Career Services can give you some tips and guidance.

Finding an internship can be a challenge, that depends also on your wishes and the opportunities companies currently offer. Prepare yourself by orientating on which type of work you are looking for and at which type of company. Be on time with your search. If you need help, ask for help at the Student Career Services Desk in Forum room 019 on Thursday and Tuesday. We can check your CV, motivation letter and help searching if necessary.

Steps to be taken:

  1. Orientation which projects, tasks, learning experiences you are looking for.
  2. Orientation on which companies, countries interests you.
  3. Have your CV and motivation ready. Check via Student Career Services, on Thursday and Tuesday during lunch in Forum 019.
  4. Start your search or ask your internship coordinator for tips and advice.
  5. Search through the website of your preferred companies for internships, see also the list of participating organisations during the Career Day WUR and their profiles and opportunities. Or use for example the Linkedin Jobs section or App by using keywords.

See a selection of internship and thesis assignments here.

Student associations, such as Integrand and AIESEC, also offer internship and volunteer information/opportunities.

For vacancy websites/job agencies exmples, student jobs, other organisation and services, temporary job agencies in Wageningen, volunteering and international positions navigate to career facilities page.