Talk & Toast information for companies

Information for companies

During the Talk & Toast meetings your company will get the opportunity to pitch and present to our student professionals. After the pitch you can mingle with our students and talk with them in an informal way with a snack and a drink.

We are looking for interested organisations with vacancies (or internships) within the domain of Wageningen University & Research, current or in the nearby future. We are especially interested in organisations who have –future- vacancies within more than one discipline, to attract students from different study programs.

What do we offer?

The Talk & Toast meetings are once a month, from 17:30 to 19:00 in our beautiful building and meeting place Impulse on Wageningen Campus. 

During these meetings we invite max. two companies for a pitch/presentation of 10-15 minutes. During the pitch you get the opportunity to present your company, but we also ask you to inform the students about the future developments in your company, provide insight into your vacancies, or what is expected of the candidate in skills, knowledge and competences.  

The benefit for you is that this event is dedicated and focused on a maximum of two companies. So you will have the opportunity to aim at students that are really interested in your company. Student Career Services Wageningen will take care of the announcement and promotion among students and will organise the event. If you are interested in meeting students with a specific scientific background we will pay special attention to your request. 

The upcoming Talk & Toast dates are:

If you have suggestions and tips for us concerning the program, please share them with us. If you are interested to present your company during one of our Talk & Toast meetings, please contact Astrid van Noordenburg at