Online workshop Empowering your Energy

During this online workshop, you will find out how to make career choices by feeling, in addition to thinking and acting.
Based on feeling (rather than thinking) you will decide what is good / what is not good for you.

Organised by Student Career Services

Thu 10 December 2020 12:45 to 13:45

Duration Online meeting via MS Teams

Some of the questions we we will touch base on are for example:

  • How to recognize your enthousiasm
  • How to recognize what workenvironment fits you best
  • How to define your borders
  • HOw to deal with rejection

At the end of this workshop, you have more insight about your personal career decision skills, how to use these skills and what still needs some attention to work on during your career decision journey.

Preperation for this workshop
=> Bring something to the workshop (any item you want) that gives you energy, evokes your enthousiasm and is related to “yes”
=> Bring something to the workshop (any item you want) that causes resistance, evokes demotivation and is related to “no”
=>During this online workshop, make sure you are in a room where there is nobody to disturb you and where you are by yourself.

Please note there is a maximum of 20 participants for this workshop. First come, first serve.

Coach: Maria Voskuilen, organizational psychologist with a background in haptonomy