Number of Professors, July 2023
Rector magnificus 1
Dean of Education 1
Dean of Research 1
Chairs 90
Vacant chairs 0
Personal Professors 81
Special Professors:
- Research institutes/non-profit organisations 24
- Wageningen Research 15
- Business 10
- Philosophical 2
Professors International Education 3
Distinghuised Professors 1
Professor other University 1
Other 1
Total 231

This table lists the funding sources for all chairs at Wageningen University. The term ‘Chair plan’ refers to the chairs that are governed by the structural chair plan of the university. These chairs are funded directly by the resources that Wageningen University receives from the Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZ).

Personal professorships are also paid from these resources, but these chairs are linked personally to an outstanding researcher. Consequently, these are not included in the structural chair plan.

The special professorships are usually limited-term appointments (often for a period of 5 years). Moreover, these are always part time, usually for 1 day per week. In contrast, the ‘regular’ professorships governed by the chair plan are almost always full time. These special professorships are usually funded by external parties (companies, consortia, foundations, affiliated institutions, etc.). The disciplines that are represented by the special professorships complement the chairs in the chair plan; they are also assessed on their scientific relevance. Wageningen chair holders, and sometimes external scientists, are involved in this assessment. Furthermore, the scientific qualities of the candidates are carefully evaluated. These chairs – in addition to broadening the scientific scope – also ensure that Wageningen science is linked with society. Partly as a result, Wageningen UR is solidly anchored in society, which contributes to the realisation of its motto ‘For Quality of Life’.

The special professorships on behalf of international education are chairs at the international institute IHE Delft. This collaboration with Wageningen University makes it possible for this institute to train international PhD students.

The Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity applies to all professors, and to all scientists. All ancillary activities and positions held by our professors are made transparent by publishing them on our internet page We@Wur.