Quality Agreements: education differentiation

Quality Agreements: education differentiation

We believe that students perform best and more fully develop themselves when they have the opportunity to follow their own learning path and to benefit from extracurricular activities that match their talents, interests, and abilities. All students should receive the information, opportunities, support, and time to discover and develop their interest and talents, and to be better prepared for their future career.


The funding is used for several projects:

  • Skills education within the curriculum. For example, writing skills and group work skills are incorporated in certain programmes, with more skills to follow.
  • Didactical training courses for student assistants, to help them in their educational tasks in supporting practicals, tutorials and group work.
  • More coaching possibilities will be made available to students at Student Career Services, to aid them in making choices for their future and personal learning path.
  • A personal assessment course organised by Studium Generale in every Bachelor’s programme will help all students identify their own talents and interests.
  • At least one student challenge is organised each year where students can work together in an interdisciplinary team to find solutions to problems we will face in the future.


The fund for the Quality Agreements is used to strengthen opportunities for personal and talent development, and career preparation. Of the total budget, about 14% from these Quality Agreements will be invested in education differentiation, which is around 5.2 million euros for the period spanning 2019 to 2024.

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