Quality Agreements: more and better study guidance

Quality Agreements: more and better study guidance

At Wageningen University, many instruments to guide students are already in place. In our Vision for Education, we reaffirmed our ambition to offer students the guidance and support they need to take their degree or course, and to make informed choices in developing their own learning paths.

In the Strategic Plan 2019-2022, we have emphasised our commitment to ensuring the well-being of our students. Our support should match the changing needs of our students and the Vision for Education, aiming at more active learning and flexible, personalised learning paths.


Several actions will be implemented for this purpose:

  • Ten extra study advisors will be hired.
  • The ‘Surf your Stress’ campaign was launched in 2019 to create awareness, but also to aid in the prevention of and support for mental health issues.
  • Three extra student psychologists will be available for students.
  • A Student Training & Support centre will provide easy access to the guidance we offer as a university. The training centre will give a clear overview of training opportunities to help students work on personal development, improve their study skills and learn how to deal with stress.
  • Extra training courses for teaching staff will help them recognise the specific needs and issues of students more easily.


The funds we receive through the introduction of the student loan system will be used to expand the support and guidance we offer students. The number of students in need of additional support is on the rise. Students today face higher levels of stress and could benefit from more guidance on stress-related issues that impact their studies. Of the total budget, about 4.4 million euros of the funding for the Quality Agreements will be invested in more and better study guidance between 2019 and 2024.

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Surf Your Stress
Surf Your Stress
Student Training & Support
Student Training & Support

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