Quality Agreements: professionalisation of teaching staff

Quality Agreements: professionalisation of teaching staff

Our teaching staff offer high-quality education. In our Vision for Education, we share our ambition to maintain this high quality by supporting teaching staff in their ongoing efforts to keep their education up to date, peer reviewed, and strongly interlinked with research. In addition, we invest in the development and implementation of various new and innovative teaching and assessment methods to strengthen our small-scale education and to enable flexible learning paths.


These funds will be invested in the following projects:

  • Unburdening of teaching staff by hiring more educational support staff so that lecturers have more time for teaching and professionalisation.
  • Compensation of professionalisation to enable lecturers to follow specific training programmes to further improve their teaching, and introduce more innovation into their education and teaching methods.
  • Stimulation of peer-reviews of courses by external experts by compensating lecturers for the costs.
  • Didactical training courses for PhD candidates involved in thesis supervision, teaching and group work guidance in order to improve their teaching and supervision.


New innovations, increased flexibility, and activating learning change the role of lecturers. To implement these innovations and continuous enhancements, and to fulfil new roles, we want to strengthen and facilitate professionalisation. We are therefore investing 17% of the student loan funds into professionalisation. This is around 6.7 million euros in six years.