Quality Agreements: small-scale education

Quality Agreements: small-scale education

Small-scale, intensive education is a strong characteristic of Wageningen University, and, according to our Vision for Education, one of the keys to achieving high-quality education. Small-scale education at our university is tailored to each study programme and even each course.


Through the funding for small-scale education, multiple improvements will be realised:

  • Intensive thesis supervision will be maintained and further intensified if needed, so that every student receives the support they need in writing their thesis.
  • Bottlenecks caused by growing student numbers will be solved. 37 chair groups will hire additional staff in 2019 for this purpose and to further develop small-scale education. In 2022, additional chair groups will receive funds to hire extra teaching staff.
  • For additional support and to aid teaching staff in their education, more than eight extra staff members will be hired.


The growing number of students put the intensive and personal approach of Wageningen University at risk. In addition, we want to further strengthen and develop our small-scale education. Therefore, the majority (58%) of the Quality Agreements funds we receive will be used to hire extra staff for maintaining and further developing small-scale education, which amounts to around 21 million euros between 2019 and 2024.