Seed Valley

Seed Valley is the area in the Netherlands with dozens of companies active in the fields of plant breeding, seed technology, and associated services. Here specialists develop the ‘green software’ that determines the colour of a flower, how a tomato tastes and whether lettuce is resistant to diseases. Numerous innovations are put into practice here in the creation of continually better seeds.

East-West Seed, one of the international breeding companies from the Seed Valley region, will be present. Want to meet them? Upload your CV during registration.

Plant breeding and seed technology are multidisciplinary fields of work. The development of better varieties and seeds requires knowledge of disciplines including genetics, cell biology, biochemistry and bioinformatics. Specialists work in teams, constantly developing better plant varieties. Companies based within Seed Valley offer numerous opportunities to ambitious professionals keen to push their frontiers. There is a strong demand for specialists with a broad spectrum of educational levels. Their contribution is necessary to continue to the strong growth of past decades, to expand breeding and research activities and to tackle new developments effectively.

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