Companies from nearby city of Oss

Oss has a strong track record in manufacturing in Agrifood and Life Sciences combined with Logistics. The entire chain from producer to consumer is present here plus excellent rail, road and waterway connections. We offer opportunities for talented young professionals. Get to know Dalco Food, specialist in producing meat and meat substitutes for vegetarians or Daelmans group, the worldwide market leader in stroopwafels.

The entire agrifood chain from producer to consumer has been present here for many years. The people of Oss are known for their entrepreneurial and no-nonsense attitude. Oss is perfectly situated as a logistics gateway to Europe, with great rail, road and waterway connections. Adding our last treasure – its natural beauty – with 40 km majestic Meuse river shores and historical villages such as Ravenstein and Megen but also forest and heather in the Maashorst National Park. Curious about Oss? Come and visit us today at Career Day.

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