Fidesco Nederland

Fidesco is an international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that recruits and trains people before sending them for two year missions in poor areas of the world. They make their professional and personal skills available to the needy through humanitarian and development projects. The professionals work in the following fields: medical and paramedical, education, social work, management, agriculture, technical and manual trades.

You need:

  • to be over 21 years
  • to be healthy
  • to be available fo ra 2 year mission
  • to accept to serve a development project initiated by an entity of the Catholic Church (diocese, charity, school, hospital...)
  • open to Catholic faith
  • to have a desire to serve with an attitude of hope
  • to follow the Fidesco traning once the mutual decision is made

    You can be single, a family with/without children, right out of school or recently retired. During the mission itself, Fidesco will cover your costs: the flight to the project, the insurance and a monthly salary.

    Please visit the website for more information on Fidesco