Programme Career Day

During this Career Day there is a fair, several orientation interviews and a network drink. Besides this, there are also career oriented activities, such as Career Coaching, LinkedIn photoshoot, CV check, Q&A about PhD programme, entrepreneurship and/or teachers' track.

During the day the organisations present themselves via the Fair, orientation interviews with students, and the network drink on the ground floor.

Programme Career Day 4 February 2020

13.30-13.45 Opening
13.45-16.15 Fair, orientation interviews
13.45-16.15 Career Activities
16.15-17.30 Network drinks

Orientation Interviews

Several organisations will be holding orientation interviews with selected students. If you are interested, you can upload your CV during registration. The organisation will make a selection and inform you on the outcome.

    Career oriented activities for students

    During the event there will be the following career information and support activities for students:

    • Career Coaching (Forum room tbd)
    • LinkedIn Photo Shoot (Forum room tbd)
    • CV check (Forum room tbd)
    • Q&A PhD Programme (Forum room tbd)
    • Q&A Entrepreneurship Track (Forum room tbd)
    • Q&A Teachers Training (Forum room tbd)