Programme Career Day

During the Career Day there will be a jobfair, orientation interviews and a network drink. Besides this, there are also career oriented activities, such as Career Coaching, LinkedIn photoshoot, CV check, Q&A about PhD programme, entrepreneurship and/or teachers' track.

During the day the organisations present themselves via the Fair, orientation interviews with students, and the network drink on the ground floor.

Programme Career Day 4 February 2020

13.30-13.45 Opening
13.45-16.30 Fair, orientation interviews
13.45-16.30 Career Activities
16.30-17.30 Network drinks

Orientation Interviews

Several organisations will be holding orientation interviews with selected students. If you are interested, you can upload your CV during registration. The organisation will make a selection and inform you on the outcome.

    Career oriented activities for students

    During the event there will be the following career information and support activities for students:

    • 13.45-16.30: Career Coaching, Forum room 031
    • 13.45-16.30: Workshop Career Compass, Forum room 034
    • 13.45-16.30: LinkedIn Photo Shoot, Forum room 001
    • 13.45-16.30: CV check, Forum room 010
    • 14.00-15.00: Doing a PhD. Forum room C0103. Interested in research? Do you want to stay in academia? Are you curiosity driven and want to contribute to academic knowledge that can be used to tackle world challenges? Are you keen to show that you can do this in an independent manner? If so, a PhD might be a good step in your career. This presentation will highlight what a PhD entails and what you should consider before you take the decision to do a PhD. It will specify the Wageningen PhD programme, the procedures and criteria to be able to enter,
    • 13.45-16.30: Q&A Entrepreneurship Track, Forum in front of elevators
    • 13.45-16.30: Q&A Teachers Training (only Dutch nationality), Forum in front of elevators
    • 13.45-16.30: Q&A Working for the EU, Forum in front of elevators: student Barris Steenhorst is appointed as EU ambassador WUR: a contactperson for students who have interest in working for the EU. He can give you tips about how to apply and find vacancies and internships at the European Union. His email address for this is: He is happy to help out. The website for vacancies is